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Congratulations! If we have already activated your LVI user, here’s what you should keep in mind:



  • From now on you should not send more than 10 invitations per day manually on Linkedin. If you do so, you may exceed the sending limits of your profile.
  • LVI helps you expand your network and follow up, but it is your responsibility to comply with Linkedin’s policies. If in parallel to LVI you perform actions such as sending more invitations, making excessive searches, visiting too many pages (even accidentally) or sending more messages than allowed, Linkedin may restrict your account, especially if you have a free account since paid accounts such as Sales Navigator or Linkedin Recruiter have fewer limitations. Please make sure you do not give your Linkedin account login details to anyone, do not log in from different IPs, devices or email accounts simultaneously, and stay tuned for policy updates to make sure you comply with them. These include behavior, content and activity guidelines that if not respected could result in the restriction of your profile. If this happens, Five! Media Lab may immediately terminate your LVI user in order to protect our reputation against your misuse of the network.
  • If a person accepts your invitation but does not respond, you should not send a message. LVI will automatically start the follow up tasks the next day.
  • Please note that invitations sent and not accepted are automatically cancelled by the system to protect your profile. In case of a free trial, all invitations sent at the end of your trial will be cancelled for the same reason.
  • All you have to do from now on is check your inbox and reply to those who have replied to you!

Be sure to check your inbox every day and go through all messages by scrolling through your inbox so you don’t miss any opportunities.

Finally, here is some recommended reading on the tool:

In case you are in the Free Trial period and you are interested in contracting LVI, you can see our available plans here:


For any questions please visit our Help Center, contact us using the “Messages” option from your user panel or you can also do it here.

In case you do not remember or do not know your password to access our platform, you can recover it here.