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Having a good follow up policy is one of the key ingredients for sales. If people leave you their email but you give up on the 2nd attempt, the reality is that you will be discarding opportunities prematurely by not insisting.

Anxiety is the main enemy of salespeople. Here are some basic notions based on an analysis of the most common mistakes when selling:

1) No one likes to be sold to and is not interested in your “sales pitch”. Do you enjoy going into a store to buy and the salesperson attacks without even giving you time to breathe? Remember that you must first create a bond with the person, empathize and then approach him/her with your services as long as he/she has a real need for the solutions you offer.

2) Wanting to sell without first generating a relationship is like trying to get a stranger into bed without saying a word. It can happen, but the probability is minimal and you will only succeed if the other person is desperate.

3) The maturation time of a B2B proposal is from 3 to 6 months. Or have you ever woken up and said “today I’m going to spend my money”? During all this time you must be present in one way or another in the life of your potential customer so that he doesn’t lose sight of you. We live in a world saturated with information where offers abound, if you don’t insist, you are not relevant.

4) Most people respond between the 3rd and 5th contact, as long as you follow a specific technique. If you discard opportunities at the 2nd message you are not selling because you are lazy and naive. Do you really believe that the other person is with nothing better to do, waiting for you to sell? You should make a minimum of 3 and an ideal of 5 follow ups with intervals of no more than 5 days between one message and another. It is also important that in each message you communicate something different to renew the attention of your interlocutor.

5) Selling is like sitting down for a cup of coffee. You take your time, ask questions, empathize, generate a positive impression and repeat with a certain frequency until you achieve your goal. Time is a critical variable in the process. An anxious salesperson is simply a contradiction in terms.