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Linkedin currently allows you to send a monthly maximum of:

– 150-250 invitations with a personalized text of maximum 200 characters.

– 400-500 invitations without personalized text

These values are valid for both invitations sent manually by you and those sent by LVI, and the value can be higher or lower depending on each profile and each month.

The good news is that LVI takes full advantage of this capability since it uses the quota of uncustomized invitations, which is the highest on Linkedin, which means that regardless of whether you have a free or paid profile on Linkedin you will take full advantage of the available capabilities.

 In case your profile sends out more invitations than Linkedin allows, you may see a message like the following:

¿cuántas Invitaciones Pueden Enviarse En Linkedin?

If you have used your full quota of custom messages instead, you will see a message similar to this one:

LVI Five Media Lab Limite de Invitaciones Personalizadas

Don’t worry, this limit is not serious and, as explained in the Linkedin Official Help, it will disappear automatically without you doing anything when the period is reset every week or month.

Here you can see the official Linkedin information about limits and restrictions:

Other types of limitations or restrictions: sometimes you may see messages in your account mentioning for example that Linkedin has temporarily restricted your account.

Note that this is not due to the use of LVI, but to the misuse of the network.

Linkedin has a list of prohibited softwares and extensions, but it does not include automation tools that use the Linkedin API such as LVI, whose use must be authorized by Linkedin.

If your profile has been temporarily restricted, it is likely that you have exceeded your profile activity limits as mentioned in the article sent when you activated your user:

Please keep in mind that you must respect Linkedin’s policies at all times and follow the recommendations we give you there to avoid problems.

LVI helps you to expand your network and give follow up, but it is your responsibility to comply with the Linkedin policies. If in parallel to LVI you perform actions like sending more invitations, make excessive searches, visiting too many pages (even accidentally) or send more send more messages than allowed Linkedin may restrict your account, especially if you have a free account since paid accounts such as Sales Navigator or Linkedin Recruiter have fewer limitations.

Please make sure you do not give out your Linkedin account login details to anyone, do not log in from different IPs, devices or email accounts simultaneously, and be aware of policy updates to make sure you comply with them.

These include guidelines for behavior, content and activity that if not respected could lead to the restriction of your profile. If this happens, Five! Media Lab may immediately terminate your LVI user in order to protect our reputation against your misuse of the network.

If it is a temporary restriction, it is usually lifted within a few hours and does not cause any problems. However, as a preventive measure, we will temporarily reduce the activity of your LVI in case you are exceeding the allowed limits due to your manual activity or other actions.

LVI automatically detects these limits and reduces your invitation quota. In the meantime, the tool will continue to work on your profile performing the empathy or warm-up actions (visiting profiles, following people, recommending posts), automatically following up all the people who do not respond to your messages and inviting your contacts to follow your page to save you the time and money you would have to spend if you had to do it yourself or pay someone else to do it full time.

Once the restriction or limit is lifted, LVI will continue to send invitations normally.

You can learn more about how LVI works here.