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When using your LInkedin account, whether or not you use LVI to contact Directors, Managers and Purchasing Decision-Makers, you should follow a series of recommendations to keep your account secure and avoid possible restrictions or inconveniences.

Many of these recommendations are already mentioned in several articles of our Help Center and at Five!, we make a constant effort to remind our customers of the importance of following a line of conduct. However, sometimes due to ignorance or simple misuse of the network, they do not do so, putting their account at risk unnecessarily.

Before proceeding, please make sure you carefully read the recommendations we have already mentioned when activating your LVI:

My LVI is already active, what now?

LinkedIn Limits and Restrictions

If you’ve explored LinkedIn’s terms of use, you’re probably aware of the platform’s stance on sharing your account with third parties or using other people’s accounts:

LinkedIn examines your account activity, evaluating the frequency and speed of your actions; if they detect excessive activity, they may impose restrictions on your account. Although LinkedIn does not officially endorse the use of automation tools, using them is completely legal as there is no law against using tools that make your work more efficient.

Regardless of whether you use LVI or not, please:

1 ) Avoid carrying out simultaneous activities on the same LinkedIn account from different devices or programs: For example, if you are browsing LinkedIn simultaneously from a browser (even on the same PC) or mobile device, this could be suspicious to LinkedIn and increase the daily activity recorded in the account.

2 ) LinkedIn prohibits both account sharing and duplicate accounts. If you are in charge of someone else’s account or multiple accounts, or if you have the assistance of a virtual assistant who manages your LinkedIn account, be sure to respect the first rule: no simultaneous connections or from different IPs. Your account is personal and you are the only one responsible for it.

3 ) Certain manual actions may be dangerous to your profile. Please avoid any kind of manual behavior that can be assimilated with spamming behavior. LVI is secure and monitors the actions performed on your profile on a daily basis, but only you control your behavior or that of the person who administers your account if you have an assistant. Some examples of this type of behavior are already mentioned in the article we sent you when you activated your Free Trial or LVI user, but here we review some of them:

a) Avoid navigating to people’s profiles using their profile URL. If you mechanically open profiles in a massive way, Linkedin will think you are spamming, no matter if you do it because you want to contact different people within a company, it is part of your recruiting work or any other reason you consider valid. Linkedin verifies how many profiles you open in Linkedin, no matter if you do it in the same or a new tab.

b) If you manage someone else’s LinkedIn account, inform the account owner about the risks of URL browsing and ask them to open profiles through LinkedIn search.

c) As mentioned and as our first recommendation when activating your LVI, please avoid performing simultaneous actions with the tool. What’s the point of hiring or testing a tool that does all the work for you if you do the same work at the same time? Make sure you do not send invitations, follow up messages, recommend profiles or perform any of the actions that LVI performs while it is active on your profile. Otherwise it is very likely that with your manual activity you will exceed the limits allowed by the network and your profile will be restricted.

d) Remember that Linkedin does not differentiate a manual action from an automated action. If you have received a restriction mentioning that it is due to a mechanical action or the use of automation tools, this is not due to the use of LVI, but because you are exceeding the limits of the network with your manual activity. LVI works under Linkedin’s activity standards and Linkedin itself approves the use of its API to perform actions on your profile. This is an automatic process: even if we wanted to, if with LVI we tried for example to send more invitations than the monthly limit allowed by Linkedin, we could not do it because Linkedin automatically limits it.

e) Under no circumstances do we recommend using LVI on accounts that do not follow the requirements for using LVI. Please review this information before making a decision, as the responsibility for your account is yours alone. Do not use LVI on duplicate accounts, fake accounts, accounts of low age, new accounts, accounts with low activity or in conjunction with unauthorized tools. Many browser extensions, tools that claim to be secure or applications that may seem attractive because of price or features (e.g. web scraping tools), are not authorized and may result in your account being restricted. Here is a preliminary list. Note that just because the tool is not on this list does not mean it is authorized.

f) Do not access LinkedIn through 2 browsers on different computers. LinkedIn can see that two different people are using the same account at the same time. Of course, you will not be instantly limited once you access LinkedIn from two or more login sessions, but it is best to minimize simultaneous activity or avoid it altogether if possible. LVI uses only half of business hours (9am to 2pm) to make contact more effective at a time when people are in full swing. Avoid using your Linkedin account during these hours, remember that you already have a tool that does the work for you, so you can dedicate your time to less routine tasks.

g) Avoid using VPNs or systems that modify the IP from which you connect to your profile. LVI uses IPs from the United States, which are universal and valid for all accounts, since many countries work with IP providers whose origin is in this country, but if you use a VPN, for example, to connect from Germany to a Latin American account, this will undoubtedly be seen by Linkedin as a strange behavior and could cause problems.

We know that many of these recommendations may seem illogical or difficult to follow, but they are the rules that Linkedin has and how this network avoids the creation of duplicate accounts, false or improper behavior. Linkedin in turn boosts sales of premium versions such as Sales Navigator, which although they must also follow these guidelines, in general do not usually face so many restrictions and work much better with LVI.

Please be sure to read all the information in our Help Center to avoid any inconveniences.