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LVI is a tool for automating your Linkedin activity whose objective is to automate the interaction, empathy generation, invitation and follow up of segmented contacts in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree network so that you can dedicate your time to more valuable tasks instead of spending all day on Linkedin doing the work manually.

  • LVI visits profiles segmented by keyword, industry and country so that you appear in “Who has viewed your profile”,
  • Start following the contacts with the targeting you want so that your prospect will receive a notification,
  • Automatically recommend posts to generate empathy and engagement,
  • Send invitations and follow up sequences of 5 or more messages taking full advantage of Linkedin’s messaging capabilities.
  • Invite people to follow your company page, participate in your group or event automatically.


LVI is useful for:

  • Save you time: searching, contacting, following up, empathizing and interacting with people is hard work. LVI saves you or someone else from having to do the work manually every day, so you can spend that time on more valuable tasks.
  • Save you money: the cost of a full time person doing LVI work is on average 5 times the value of the tool.
  • Grow your network and your positioning on Linkedin by adding relevant contacts to your professional network.
  • Request contact information from potential customers, partners or people with whom you want to generate business.
  • Reconnect with people in your network with whom you have not interacted for a long time.
  • Increase your SSI (Social Selling Index) by automating interaction actions.
  • Grow your LinkedIn company page, group or event by automatically inviting your contacts.


LVI is not a tool for:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Ask people to register for your web site, demo or event
  • Send messages massively
  • Generate leads without any effort on your part.
  • It is also forbidden to use LVI for purposes other than generating a legitimate professional link or growing your network.

Keep in mind that LVI is not suitable for all people or targets. Whether someone is interested in what you do will depend on the attractiveness of your service, that the targeting is appropriate, that your messages have the right technique to generate response and fundamentally, the behavior of each person.

You can’t control whether or not someone finds what you offer appealing or at what point people decide to respond to a message, but you can do your best to generate interest by providing real value.

Please visit our LVI FAQ section to learn more about common mistakes and recommended techniques when interacting on LinkedIn. It will help you align expectations with the possibilities of Linkedin and LVI as a tool that automates your activity so you can spend time on more valuable tasks instead of having to do all the work manually.

You can also request a Sales Professional Training by Linkedin, email and Whatsapp here.

Take into account these recommendations before hiring or requesting the tool test.