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You do not need any of the Premium versions of Linkedin to use LVI.

LVI and Sales Navigator are different tools:

LVI y Sales Navigator son herramientas diferentes:

  • Sales Navigator is simply the “premium” version of Linkedin, which expands your search limits and allows you to use additional filters, but you will still have to manually do all the work of searching, contacting and following up with potential clients. Sales Navigator also does not automate interactions nor does it allow you to send invitations to people to follow your LinkedIn page, join your groups or participate in your events.
  • In-Mail is a Linkedin advertising format that allows you to send an inbox identified as an advertisement to anyone in the network, but it is often ignored and you can use it only if you invest a minimum of U$S 500 per month in advertising.
  • LVI is a tool for automating your Linkedin activity that completely automates the manual process of search, selection, contact, follow up and interaction in the network. You won’t have to do anything more than check your inbox and the value is less than half of what it costs to advertise.