¿Cómo podemos ayudarte?

One of LVI’s priorities is to always keep your profile safe and within the limits allowed by Linkedin. This impacts from the warm-up actions, the frequency of sending messages, the number of invitations and other actions that the tool performs to protect your profile from Linkedin sanctions.

It is for this reason that LVI is not a mass mailing tool, but a tool for automating your activity whose main benefit is to save you the time and money equivalent to if the work of searching, contacting, following up and interacting with people you are interested in had to be done by you or by a person dedicated full time to this.

Now, what happens to those invitations that are sent but after a certain period of time are not accepted? LVI will automatically cancel these invitations so that they do not accumulate in your sent and unaccepted invitations folder: https://www.linkedin.com/mynetwork/invitation-manager/sent/

This way you don’t have to worry about penalties due to many people not accepting your invitations, as LVI takes care of canceling all invitations that after several weeks have not been accepted automatically. You can see more information about Linkedin’s response rates and limits here: