¿Cómo podemos ayudarte?

LVI will start working on your profile as soon as you receive the activation email. During the first 3 days it will perform the necessary warm-up actions so that your profile is not considered as spam and from the 4th day it will start sending invitations (it can happen earlier).

Warm-up actions such as visiting profiles, following people or recommending their posts serve a dual function:

  1. Protect your profile from being considered spam by Linkedin’s algorithm.
  2. To make your profile gain notoriety so that when the time comes to contact you, it is not a cold contact.

This way LVI keeps your profile always safe and within the limits allowed by Linkedin by doing everything possible to avoid a large percentage of people not marking your invitations using the “I don’t know this person” option, which could lead to the restriction of your profile.

To learn more about how LVI works and what actions it performs at any given moment you can see a detailed explanation here.