¿Cómo podemos ayudarte?

Starting to follow people and recommending some of their posts before sending an invitation to connect is what allows you to transform a cold contact into someone who is already somehow familiar with you since you have previously interacted with that person.

Put yourself for a few seconds in the shoes of the person you are contacting: imagine that right off the bat, without any introduction, without knowing him/her, without any previous contact, someone sends you an invitation not only to connect but also wanting to sell you something: what does this invitation generate in you? is it something positive or negative?

You will quickly realize that 90% of the times someone contacts you with the sole purpose of selling you without even an introduction, your reaction will be negative. The same happens to people when you send an invitation to connect without even being interested in them, even if it is by following them or recommending some of their publications.

That is why LVI performs actions prior to sending the invitation to connect, which we call “warmup actions”. These actions allow your rate of acceptance of invitations and response to messages to increase, since for those who receive your messages, you are no longer just a stranger trying to sell or approach them with a commercial proposal.

Of course, you can disable this option by simply requesting it through our support form or by sending a message through the “Messages” option in your user panel. Just keep in mind that doing so is likely to lower the acceptance rate of your invitations and response to your messages, and since Linkedin allows you to send a maximum of 100 invitations per week, you may want to consider this before deactivating it.

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