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Linkedin has a list of industries or sectors by which you can target your LVI user. Since LVI works integrated with Linkedin search, as long as the industry or sector is available in Linkedin’s targeting options, you will be able to use it in your automation.

Please note the following before adding industries:

– It is recommended to target by industry only if strictly necessary, as doing so will greatly reduce the number of people that can be contacted and this will decrease your performance.

– You cannot place just any industry here. It must be 15 to 30 industries from the Linkedin Official List that you have here below.

– You will always have a better chance of success if you target by area than by industry. The recommendation is not to target by industries, but by areas (e.g. Marketing, HR, Purchasing, etc).

If you still want to add industries, check the Linkedin Industry List and copy and paste minimum 15 and maximum 30 industries to apply in your application.

The complete list of Linkedin sectors or industries is as follows:

2Venture capital and investment capital agreement
3Administration of justice
4Office administration
5Utilities administration
6Government administration
7Aeronautics and aviation
8Insurance and brokerage agencies
9Mobile agents and managers
10Agriculture , livestock, forestry engineering
12Wholesale food and beverages
13Food and beverages for retail sale
15Rental of commercial and industrial equipment
16Animation and postproduction
17Gaming applications for mobile devices
18Accessible Architecture and Design
19Architecture and planning
20Stage arts and sports entertainment
21Interpretive arts
22Luxury items and jewelry for wholesale
23Luxury goods and jewelry for retail sale
24Office and gift items for retail sale
25Artists and Writers
27Outsourcing and offshoring advisory firm
28Financial Advisory
29Business consulting and services
30Sector associations
31International affairs
32Mental health care
34Investment banking
35Bars, taverns and nightclubs
36Alcoholic beverages for wholesale
37Bed and Breakfast, hostels, bed and breakfast, private accommodations
39Non-residential real estate for lease
40Residential real estate for lease
43Savings banks
44Shoes for wholesale
45Golf courses and private social clubs
46Casinos and gambling centers
47Outpatient care centers
48Call centers
49Family planning centers
51Circuses and magic shows
52Art retailers
53Retail groceries
54Theater companies
56Construction of highways, roads and bridges
57Construction of utility structures
59Operations consulting
60Medical offices
62Business content
63Climate data and analysis
64Custom software development of IT systems
65Community development and urban planning
66Software Development
67Development and international trade
68Radio and television broadcasting
69Interior design
70Graphic Design
71Regenerative design
72Natural gas distribution
73Staffing and recruitment
74Publishing of books, newspapers and magazines
75Music editing
77Elementary and secondary education
78Home appliances, electrical and electronic equipments for wholesale
79Collection companies
80Robotics companies
81Higher education
82Retail office equipment
83Computer equipment wholesale
84Photographic equipment and supplies for wholesale
85Sports teams and clubs
86Writing and editing
87Language school
88Schools of fine arts
89Comesthesiology and hairdressing schools
90Secretarial schools
91Ski resorts and facilities
92Natural gas extraction
93Oil extraction
94Feed manufacturing
95Manufacture of abrasives and nonmetallic minerals
96Food and beverage manufacturing
97Aviation and aerospace components manufacturing
98Women’s handbags manufacturing
99Manufacturing of boilers, tanks and shipping containers
100Production of canned fruit and vegetable preserves
101Cutlery and hand tools manufacturing
102Manufacture of electrical household appliances, electrical equipment and electronics
103Manufacture of medical equipment
104Manufacture of transportation equipment
105Manufacture of electric lighting equipment
106Railway equipment manufacturing
107Manufacture of computer equipment
108Manufacture of artificial rubber and synthetic fibers
109Construction hardware manufacturing
110Manufacture of measuring and control instruments
111Manufacture of optical and magnetic instruments
112Machinery manufacturing
113Manufacturing of automation machinery
114Manufacturing of industrial machinery
115Metallurgical machinery manufacturing
116Manufacture of automation machinery
117Manufacture of furniture for the home and institutions
118Manufacture of home furnishings and accessories
119Manufacture of computers, peripherals and electronic goods
120Fuel cell manufacturing
121Manufacturing of clay and fireproofing products
122Manufacture of lime and gypsum products
123Manufacturing of personal care products
124Defense and space products manufacturing
125Products and paper products manufacturing
126Manufacture of soap and cleaning products
127Manufacture of plastic products
128Manufacture of glass, ceramic and concrete products
129Manufacture of plastics and rubber products
130Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products
131Chemical manufacturing
132Textile manufacturing
133Fabrication of tubular and wire products
134Clothing manufacturing
135Renewable energy semiconductor manufacturing
136Manufacturing of fasteners and turned products
137Tobacco manufacturing
138Manufacture of metal valves, balls and rollers
139Alternative fuel vehicle manufacturing
140Manufacturing of motor vehicles
141Manufacture of computers, peripherals and electronic goods
142Retail pharmacies
143Drugs and miscellaneous items for wholesale
144Trusts and equity
145Physiotherapists , occupational therapists and speech therapists
146Flower shops for retail sales
147Pension funds
148Funds and trusts
149Flight training
150Professional training and coaching
151Technical and vocational training
152Training and support of IT systems
154Armed Forces
155Armed forces and international affairs
156Law enforcement
158Livestock and fisheries
159Retail gasoline
160Electricity generation
161Biomass electricity generation
162Generation of wind electric energy
163Geothermal electric power generation
164Electricity generation using fossil fuels
165Nuclear electric power generation
166Solar electric power generation
167Hydroelectric power generation
168Renewable energy generation
169Investment management
170Air, water and waste program management
171Sound recording
172Sound and film recording
173Security guards and guarding services
174Tools, plumbing and heating equipment for wholesale
177Hospitals and health care
179Hotels and motels
180Importing and exporting for wholesaling
181Climate technology industry
182Dairy industry
183Petroleum and petroleum products wholesale industry
184Textile and fashion retail industry
185Civil engineering
186Forestry engineering and wood industry
187Robotic engineering
188Installation and removal of IT systems
189Recreational facilities
190Penitentiary institutions
191Religious institutions
192Musical instruments for retail sale
193Financial intermediaries
194Biotechnology research
195Market research
196Nanotechnology research
197Idea laboratory (Think tanks)
198Medical and diagnostic laboratories
199Printed books and news for retail sales
200Maintenance of electronic and precision equipment
201Maintenance of commercial and industrial machinery
203Construction and gardening materials for retail sale
204Construction materials for wholesale
205Recyclable materials and used products for retail sale
206Agricultural raw materials for wholesale
207Alternative medicine
209Online audio and video media
210Commodity market
211Capital markets
212Commodity markets
213Minerals and metals for wholesale
215Home furnishings and accessories for wholesale
217Museums, historical sites and zoos
219News online
220Public policy offices
221Legislative offices
222Professional orbits
223Operations and maintenance of IT systems
224Telecommunications operators
226Travel arrangements
227Community and social organizations
228Political organizations
229Non-profit organizations
230Amusement parks and amusement arcades
231Oil and gas
232Oil, gas and mining
233Business intelligence platforms
234Internet market platforms
235Social networking platforms
236Multimedia production
237Media production and distribution
238Personal care and hygiene products for retail sale
239Wholesale paper products
240Computer networking products
241Data security software products
242Desktop computer software products
243Mobile software products
244Integrated software products
245Chemicals and related products for wholesale
246Cable and satellite programming
247Public assistance programs
248Educational management programs
249Transportation programs
250Housing programs
251Civil protection
252E-learning providers
253Entertainment providers
254Testing and evaluation of IT systems
255Publication of books
256Publication in newspapers
257Periodic publication
258Online publications
261Repair of footwear, leather and leather goods
262Repair of furniture and reupholstery
263Vehicle repair and maintenance service
264Repairs and maintenance services
265Residences for the elderly or for dependent persons
266Third-party dispute resolution
268Public health
269Health and social services
270Real estate sector
271Fishing sector
272Computer systems and network security
273Security and investigations
275Insurance and employee benefit funds
276Tourist transportation service
277Service for the individual and the family
278Actuarial and claims settlement services
279Consumer services
280Food and beverage services
281Home healthcare services
282Intercity and rural bus services
283Wellness and exercise services
284Services of a personal nature and laundry services
285Temporary recruitment services
286Personal care services
287IT systems data services
288Design services
289IT systems design services
290Strategic management services
291Nursery services
292Printing services
293Information services
294Facility services
295Research services
296Laundry and dry-cleaning services
297Marketing services
298Pet services
299Advertising services
300Philanthropic fundraising services
301Human resources services
302Government relations services
303Public relations and communications services
304Security systems services
305Taxi and limousine services
306IT services and IT consultancy
307Surveying and mapping services
308Private and special needs transportation services
309Urban transportation services
310Routine food vending services
311Financial services
312Legal services
313Environmental services
314Individual and family services
315Renewable energy services
316Services for the elderly and people with disabilities
317Postal services
318Public services
319Veterinary services
320Historic sites
321Holding companies (Holding companies)
322Subdivision of land
323Supply of art for retail sale
324Steam and air-conditioning supply
325Water supplies and irrigation system
326Technology , information and internet
327Satellite telecommunications
329Translation and localization
330Transmission, control and distribution of electric energy
331Goods and package transportation
332Sea transportation
333Transport by pipeline
334Passenger land transportation
336Transportation , logistics, supply chain and warehousing
337Waste treatment and disposal
338Treatment and coating of metals
339Courts of law
340Motorized vehicles and parts for wholesale
343Online and mail order retailing
344Video games
345Housing and community development
346Zoologic and botanical gardens