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If you have contracted several LVI users, it is important that you keep in mind that they must have different targetings to avoid overlapping. Just as it is common in large commercial teams for accounts to be assigned by Charges, Industries or Countries, the same can be done with LVI.

As an example, imagine that you have contracted 5 LVI users and you do not want them to overlap:

If your target market is only 1 country, you can establish targetings by areas:

  • User 1 can contact people with Marketing positions.
  • User 2 will contact people with Purchasing positions.
  • User 3 will contact people with positions in the Commercial area.
  • User 4 will contact people in Human Resources positions.
  • User 5 will contact Managers and C-Level (CEOS, CFO, CTO, General Manager, etc).

In the same way in case your target market is several countries:

  • User 1 will contact Purchasing managers and Managers in country 1.
  • User 2 will contact Purchasing Managers and Managers in country 2.
  • etc.

A more efficient lead generation strategy is the more points of contact you have within the same company. Let’s say that if the General Director has not responded to you, maybe you can get in through the Commercial Manager, the Marketing Manager or the Purchasing Department. We recommend always having at least 3 points of contact for a better result.