¿Cómo podemos ayudarte?

One of the features of LVI is the possibility to perform actions prior to sending invitations to increase the response rate to your messages. These actions are:

  • Visit the person’s profile (will allow you to appear in “Who has viewed my profile”)
  • Follow their profile (the person receives a notification that you have started following them)
  • Recommend some of your recent posts to establish empathy.

This will ensure that when you send your invitation to connect, you are no longer a stranger to the other person since you have already been present in the interactions in their profile. In the same way that when you want to invite someone on a date certain details are important, the same is true when it comes to generating business: you must first be able to empathize and show genuine interest in the other person, so that when the time comes to connect, you can have a better chance of a positive response.

This is as important as the difference between entering a physical store and the salesperson trying to sell you without even letting you breathe, or the person letting you look, asking questions, and then efficiently answering your queries. As you can imagine, it is more effective to establish empathy than not to do it at all, and it is what makes the difference between a 100% cold contact and a contact that has already had a previous “warm-up” work which decreases the resistance to your invitations and subsequent messages.

It can happen however, that when you start following so many people, your timeline becomes full of Linkedin updates that do not interest you. Some people prefer to have total control over what they see on Linkedin rather than generate results. If this is your case, you can request that LVI stop following all profiles through our support form or by using the “Messages” option from your user panel.

These are the aspects that you should take into account before requesting this modification:

  1. It is likely that the acceptance rate of your invitations and response to your messages will drop.
  2. Linkedin starts following by default all the people who accept your invitations. This is a feature of Linkedin and not LVI. For reference, LVI will follow less than 100 people a week, so if you want to “clean up” your timeline the best option is always to do it manually as recommended by the Linkedin Official Help, since most of the people you follow are not the result of LVI, but of how Linkedin works.
  3. People will not receive any kind of notification when you stop following them, so you can rest easy.

Finally, in order to protect your profile, in case you request to unfollow all the people followed by LVI we will do it in cycles, as a noticeable increase of your usual activity could result in a limitation of your profile. Here you can see all the information available on Linkedin usage limits.