¿Cómo podemos ayudarte?

LVI is entirely indistinguishable from a real message you sent because it acts directly from your profile through the LinkedIn API. So that there are no doubts, here is a sample of what the messages look like.

You can see that:

– It is not an InMail, nor is it identified as advertising
– LVI is not identified as an automatic message
It is just a standard message, like any you send in your daily work!

¿el Destinatario Sabe Que Es Un Mensaje Automático?

Here, you can see more examples of what messages sent by LVI look like, along with recommendations and common errors:

– Common errors in invitations
When do I see invitations in my inbox?
– What are follow-up messages?

In case you have any other questions, create a ticket on our platform, and our team will respond within 48 working hours.