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A common mistake made by people who do not use Linkedin regularly, is to believe that the invitations sent automatically appear in the inbox.

This is a mistake!

Linkedin has 2 trays:

Many times people think that LVI is sending invitations with old messages because they see a previous text in their inbox, but this is a mistake.

If you see the text of an invitation in your inbox and it is not the last one you have configured, it is because that invitation was sent prior to the message change, and the person has only now accepted it.

Remember that many people take weeks to accept your invitations, and the invitations that LVI sends out daily (and have not yet been accepted) can be seen in your sent invitations inbox:


This is your sent and not yet accepted invitations tray, where you can actually see the invitations that LVI sends each day and are still pending:

Cuando Veo Las Invitaciones En Mi Bandeja De Entrada?

When I See Invitations In My Inbox?

This instead is your inbox, where invitations appear only when they are accepted, not when they are sent:

Cuando Veo Las Invitaciones En Mi Bandeja De Entrada?

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