Imagine you want to contact Directors, Managers and Heads of Human Resources in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina, and you also want to add people who are in the Purchasing department of the companies in these countries. No problem! With LVI you can contact people from multiple countries, positions or areas at no additional cost.

You simply specify this when uploading your targeting and that’s it!

Keep in mind that LVI will give priority to those people who are in your 2nd degree network, since Linkedin only allows you to send invitations and messages to people with whom you have connections in common. This is a limitation of Linkedin and not LVI, so make sure you have a good network of contacts in the countries you want to target. In general, unless you are dealing with markets completely outside your network (example: you are in Chile and you want to contact managers in Norway but you don’t have even one Norwegian contact in your network), there are usually no problems 🙂