¿Cómo podemos ayudarte?

Company pages on Linkedin are not allowed to send messages, so LVI can’t work on them. Even if it could, it is not really recommended:

  • Business contact is always person to person. People do not empathize with brands, we empathize with people who represent a brand. Imagine for a moment that you suddenly receive an invitation from a brand on Linkedin: what feeling does it give you? Would you really give it relevance or would you just think that they are trying to sell you and you would consider it spam? If you think about it for a few minutes, you will realize why contact should always be personal.
  • Creating profiles of people with a company name is prohibited by Linkedin’s policies, and you can even lose your account for this. For companies, there are company pages, which allow you to position yourself through the publication of relevant content for your target or buyer persona.

LVI is a Linkedin prospecting automation tool that brands generally use in the profile of sales executives. This allows that instead of being the executive who is investing his time in searching, contacting and following up on opportunities, all these actions are performed automatically so that the sales executive focuses his time 100% on what really matters, which is contacting those who have left a phone number or email because they are interested in your proposal.

Here you can learn more about LVI, what actions it performs, plans, prices and even a complete demo of the tool.