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LVI is the Linkedin activity automation tool that allows you to establish meaningful connections by automating search, follow up, engagement and invitations to pages, groups and events on Linkedin.

👉 From your profile, LVI interacts with those people inside and outside your network who meet the characteristics you need. For example, FMCG Managers, Executives and CEOS of companies or people with the keywords, in the industries and countries you require.

👉 The tool visits and starts following profiles segmented by job title, industry and country so that people receive a notification and your profile gains notoriety,

👉 Automatically sends invitations to connect and follows up in case the person does not respond,

👉 Recommend posts to generate empathy and invite your contacts to follow your Linkedin page,

👉 It is 100% integrated with your profile, so it is indistinguishable from the interaction generated by you manually. Plus, you don’t need the Premium version of Linkedin to use it.

LVI automates your Linkedin work so that your time is 100% focused on more valuable tasks instead of spending all day doing manual work.

You can see more information, request a Free Trial or Contract LVI here.