To use LVI you must have a Linkedin account at least 1 year old and more than 500 contacts, and in fact the older, more contacts and more active the person is already on Linkedin the better.

You should also have at least 2nd and 3rd degree contacts in the countries you want to target, since Linkedin only allows you to contact people with whom you have at least one contact in common.

It is important that before you decide to automate your activity your profile is active on Linkedin, otherwise Linkedin may suspend your account. If LVI performs more actions than you are manually used to, your profile could be at risk and it is your responsibility to be aware of Linkedin’s policies in this regard.

LVI is not a mailing or mass contact tool, but a tool that automates your Linkedin activity so that you can spend your time on more valuable tasks. Make sure you read and understand Linkedin’s policies before using it.

Some of Linkedin’s prohibitions are:

  • You cannot use duplicate accounts, i.e. you must not have more than one Linkedin account.
  • It is forbidden to use personal profiles with company names, as this is what Linkedin company pages are for.
  • It is forbidden to use unauthorized automation tools in your profile. That is why, at Five! Media Lab, we have been partners of Linkedin for almost 10 years and we work directly integrated with the Official API.

Ask yourself beforehand if you usually have the routine of entering Linkedin, searching for people, contacting them, recommending publications and establishing a conversation. If the answer is YES and you are already an active person on Linkedin, you will have no problem using LVI.

Here you can learn more about LVI and how it works and what are the Frequently Asked Questions.

Please take the time to read all the Linkedin rules, know them and respect them. The use of any type of tool is the responsibility of each user, and although from Five! Media Lab your profile will always be safe, we cannot control what you do.

Failure to comply with Linkedin’s rules may result in immediate suspension of LVI’s service, since as a company we must take care of our reputation and that of our clients.

Now, if you are ready, here you can request your Free Trial or Contract LVI.