In order for LVI to work on your profile and send invitations and messages on your behalf, you will need to link your Linkedin account with the tool by logging in through a secure connection 🔒✅ , with the same data with which you usually log in to Linkedin.

Since your password will be hidden to protect your privacy, and the connection is validated with a security PIN, many people encounter the problem of not remembering what their correct login details are as their browser always remembers them.

If this is your situation, don’t worry. There is a very simple way to verify that the data is correct before entering it so that the integration of your profile with LVI does not fail:

1) Open an incognito window in your browser. In case you don’t know how to do it, here is the official Google Chrome guide.

2) Go to www.linkedin.com and try to log in by manually typing the data you think is correct. Do not use the remember password, type the data manually.

3) If you have indeed been able to log in then the data is correct. Now please login with the same data through the LVI integration page with your profile, taking into account capital letters, spaces, etc.

That’s it! Once you have verified that the data is correct and linked your profile with LVI, the tool can start working.