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Many times people ask us if it is possible to segment or use as a variable in their messages the name of the company, to target people who work in specific companies or personalize the messages a little more. Unfortunately this is not possible due to a limitation of Linkedin and not of LVI:

Linkedin does not have a unified base of companies and employees,

People manually fill in the company they work for in their profile, which causes common errors in messaging and targeting.

– Imagine that you want to contact for example people who work for Coca-Cola Company: some people will complete their profile writing “Coca Cola” in the company field, others will write “Coca Cola Company” and others maybe “Coca Cola FEMSA”. Many people also do not have their profile updated, they have loaded in their profile that they work in several companies or they have differences between what their last work experience, their position and their title says, which causes countless errors when trying to segment by company or use it in your messages.

– Additionally, Linkedin’s search does not work by exact match, but by similarity, which means that when trying to use the company variable the chances of error increase even more.

This is why Linkedin and LVI recommend always segmenting by position and country and personalizing your messages only by name, since neither the company nor the industry database of Linkedin has a correct normalization of data and the targeting by positions or areas and countries has a margin of error of only 10%.

Is there an alternative?

Yes, if you want to segment by company, Linkedin does allow the creation of contact lists if you have Sales Navigator and LVI allows you to add contact lists, search URLs or even lists of Linkedin profile URLs to your targeting.

More information about this feature can be found here.