¿Cómo podemos ayudarte?

You can cancel any of our services by simply requesting it 30 days before the renewal date of your plan through the “Messages” option in your user panel or our support form.

In case you have any doubts about which day your plan renews you can see it by simply clicking on “Plans” within your Billing options:

Before requesting your cancellation, please note that your cancellation will be processed according to the Terms and Conditions that you have accepted at the moment of contracting our products or services.

Many times the reason why you do not get the results you expected is due to lack of information and proper training, which makes your expectations are not in line with the possibilities of Linkedin and how a business process works. Linkedin is a platform with strict policies, and it is your responsibility to know them to understand what to expect. However, we have summarized the most important aspects here:

Keep in mind that after unsubscribing, you will have a minimum stay period of 90 days in case you decide to come back. We have made an investment of time, money and put at your service the know how of 20 years of experience in Marketing and Sales, and we believe that there is no better way to value it if you have rethought things than committing to a minimum term of permanence.

We will be waiting for you and we will welcome you with open arms, ready to work together again 🙂