¿Cómo podemos ayudarte?

The short answer: yes. LVI allows you to automatically invite everyone you connect with to follow your company page on Linkedin, so you can grow your followers organically and naturally.

The system of invitations to follow your company page on Linkedin is a credit system: Linkedin gives the possibility to each person to send a maximum of 100 invitations to follow your company page on Linkedin each month, and as these invitations are accepted, it enables new credits so you can continue inviting more people.

Manually, to do this job you should:

  1. Become an administrator of the company page.
  2. Enter the administrator options and select “Invite contacts”.
  3. Manually select the contacts you want to invite to follow your page.
  4. Check periodically to see if Linkedin has enabled new credits for you.
  5. Repeat the process each time.

LVI automates 100% of these actions so you can dedicate your time to more valuable tasks, automatically detecting how many credits you have available and inviting your contacts to follow your business page. You only need to be an administrator of the page to be able to do this and you can enable this option from the configuration of your LVI at the moment of contracting the tool.